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HOW TO GET RID OF CAT FUR BALLS Published: 13/07/09
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Fur balls in cats is nothing to play with. If your cat is displaying the normal symptoms associated with fur balls then it is time to get a fur ball remedy. There are commercial fur ball remedies and natural remedies available at your local vets office. Avoid home remedies. If the fur ball medicine does not work you should take your cat to the vet. Sometimes in very serious cases a vet will have to operate to get the fur balls out.

Symptoms of a cat with serious fur ball problems:
Is your cat doing a lot of vomiting especially after eating.
Is your cat experiencing a lot of hacking, coughing or gagging.
Is it still eating like it normally does or has it lost its appetite.
Is it having a hard time with bowel movements.
Are you finding masses of hair (tube shaped) mixed with vomit in various locations that your cat goes too.

How to get rid of those nasty fur balls:
If you are already giving your cat a maintenance dose of fur ball remedy but the cat still shows symptoms of having a serious fur ball problem then increase the amount of commercial hairball remedy. Normally this will require a daily application until your cat expels the fur ball or there are no more symptoms. Remember to follow the package instructions.

Keep a sharp eye on your cat for symptoms of major fur ball problems. If your cat is vomiting all the time, has no appetite, is loosing weight or seems to have a sore or swollen stomach you need to take the cat to your vet immediately. On rare occasions fur balls will get so large that your cats life will be endangered. On these occasions the fur balls have to be removed surgically.

Be careful with home remedies.
Home remedies can be bad news for your cat. For example do not give your cat plain petroleum jelly as this will interfere with the cats ability to absorb vitamin A. Cod liver oil can be dangerous for your cat because it supplies too much vitamins A and D. Plain mineral oil can cause pneumonia if inhaled by your cat.

Unless you have done a lot of research on the particular home remedy you are considering using and know all the potential side affect please do not use any home remedies.

Never take for granted that your cat does not have fur balls. Watch it - learn the symptoms that the cat will show if it possibly has fur balls. If you are using commercial fur ball remedies as a preventive measure and your cat continues to show symptoms of having fur balls then increase the dosage. If all else fails get the cat to the vet immediately. Be proactive in your fight against fur balls. Your cat will be much healthier and you will be much happier.

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