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Private Chauffeur

Private Chauffeur is an individual whom is employed exclusively by a private employer. Employer may be an individual, family, corporation, government organization. Job duties, requirements, and expectations will vary by employer type. This is an elite chauffeur position, shared by few. The main reason to employ a private chauffeur is to staff a professional to take care of travel needs safely and confidentially.

Confidential is a critical element for a private chauffeur. The rich and famous are often burdened by their status. Curious people are willing to stop at nothing to get information about them. They have a right to privacy and need to be assured their entire staff is loyal.

I have had the privilege to work with private employers, Governments from around the world, the US and China just to name a few. I have worked with hundreds of celebrities, musicians, and corporations. I have always been reluctant to write this article because a private chauffeur is complicated to explain. The complication lies in the fact there are many variables to this job. However becoming a private chauffeur is a popular subject these days and I get asked many questions about it.

Make no mistake this job is rated difficult. A private chauffeur does not have the benefit of a company behind them. They are a lone wolf that must possess training and experience to take care of any request. Employer must be confident this can be handled without instruction or training on their part. Professionals take care of employer needs and reflect a professional image upon them.

How do I become a private chauffeur? Read this entire article and ask yourself if you are seriously this kind of individual. This is a long-term commitment, often for life. You must be pre qualified with all proper credentials in advance. You must be willing to wait for the opportunity of employment. This is a considerable investment in to one self with extensive training and experience.

Limo school is a recruiting agent for private chauffeurs. We specialize in matching the right employee with the right employer. If you are an employer seeking a private chauffeur please contact us. If you are seeking employment as a private chauffeur and have the skills outlined in this article please contact us. If you are truly interested in becoming a private chauffeur and lack the skills outlined, begin acquiring immediately. All contacts are strictly confidential; any information will not be shared without written consent. Specific information is required in order to mediate the perfect match.

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General requirements as follows:

Personal appearance: Well groomed in proper attire. Chauffeur must adhere to dress code, as required by employer.

Location: Must be willing to relocate to origin of employment.

Driver’s license: Appropriate class for the origin of employment. CDL training recommended may be more than required but contains exceptional skills.

Driver Training: Drivers education, defensive driving course, additional driver training in safety.

Security driving course understanding alert status and action required. Driver has ability to work seamlessly with in chain of command and properly trained with motorcade techniques.

Chauffeur Training: Certified Professional Chauffeur Training. Seek Master Chauffeur status. We offer some of the training required, but not all. We can refer interested candidates to quality schools for all your training needs.

Education: College minimum two years. Possess excellent communication skills. Well versed in proper etiquette.

Military: Preferred in most cases. Military training contains certain disciplines, which make great chauffeurs.

Life Experience: Personal life experience can be beneficial in serving client needs.

Professional Experience: Has driven as professional chauffeur for five years or more. Has extensive experience in airport transfers private, commercial and international, corporate travel, motorcade, tours, weddings, and any type of service an employer may desire. Familiar with and obtaining secured entrances at venues employer may visit. Confident to take any assignment and does not require instruction to perform duties.

Resources: Proficient in map reading and modern technology, such as smart phones, GPS, laptops, so on. (Advisement) Modern technology is a resource but should never be depended on. Resources should always be verified. When in doubt get out, go ahead of time to unfamiliar areas when possible. Study maps of areas you will be driving in, make note of alternate routes.

References: In this case information should be supplied up front not upon request. These types of employers prescreen applicants before meeting with potential candidates. Must be willing to supply all your information up front with the understanding the employers privacy takes first place. Include resume, proof of education, proof of chauffeur training, proof of driver training, all references from employers or clients served with contact information, full name, date of birth, copy of drivers license, social security number for back ground check. Include current photos of yourself. Yes there is significant exposure of information. Suggest using a recruitment agency that specializes in this type of placement. A recruitment agency will protect information on all parties concerned. Private chauffeuring is the elite status of this profession. Only a chosen few get the honor to serve in this fashion.

Employed: Employed exclusively by a private individual, private company, or government official.

Objective: Personal valet offering extensive customer service. Looking for long-term employment willing to serve and protect employer at all times.

Vehicle: Provided by employer, may be a variety of different vehicles. Limousine may be a part of fleet, but usually not. They draw too much attention.

Vehicle registration, state inspection, and insurance provided by employer. Chauffeur may very well be responsible to oversee these requirements and make sure they are met.

Detailing: Private chauffeur is responsible for vehicles to be detailed at all times. Employer may or may not have outside service. Make no mistake it is the chauffeur’s responsibility that it is done.

Maintenance: Private chauffeur is responsible for vehicle maintenance and repair. Employer general does have outside service. Make no mistake it is the chauffeur’s responsibility that it is done.

Salary: Varies depending on employer’s expectations. Salaries may include benefits such as health, dental, retirement, and housing. Recruiting agency usually negotiates salaries.




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