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SCARY TWIRLY SHIRLEY Published: 05/02/11
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When my kids were very little they loved to act out their favorite fairy tales. I began making costumes and allowing the kids to perform the stories on home video. Before long I decided to create my own fairy tale. I invented a charactor called Twirly Shirley. We produced a video called "Twirly Shirley In My Sister The Twister". This led to the creation of a book series which included "Twirly Shirley In Hurricane Shirley", "Twirly Shirley And The Brother Like No Other" and "Twirly Shirley And The Tsunami Mommy". I also published the Creative Creatures Series of interactive books which inspire kids to discover their talent.

Now I am teaching Movie Making and Discover Your Talent Classes. I also teach children how to write and illustrate books, and I teach adults how to publish them. I continually learn new skills, and do my best to inspire others to do the same. I even have my own Discover Your Talent show. Kids come on and act along with my stories. Talented people share how they discovered their talent It's amazing what can develop from a family hobby!

Someday I hope to inspire children (and adults) around the world to discover their talent! In the meantime I will continue to write books and find new ways to teach and inspire children. Everyone has talent, and no one should ever waste it!


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