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WATCH Published: 04/09/11
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Watch "Discover Your Talent Show" ! Once available only on television, this inspiring show can now be seen online. This program motivates children as well as adults to uncover and develop their hidden interests and abilities. "Discover Your Talent Show" is based on Creative Creatures Interactive books and The Twirly  Shirley Series. See the children as they use their imaginations to invent their own creative ideas for the stories right before your eyes. See them create their own songs and dances. Watch them light up, as they learn of their unique ability.


My dream is to help enrich children's lives by inspiring them to develop their potential. Who knows what they will be capable of when they learn that they are gifted in many special ways. They will also be motivated by watching other children and adults who have already discovered their own individual skills. God has gifted all of us with our own special talent, and the great thing is that the more we use our talent, the more we will have. It will increase throughout our lifetimes."Discover Your Talent Show" is educational as well as entertaining. It's a lot of fun to watch the children act out the stories. Their creative input really enhances the material, and as anyone who knows anything about children is aware of, they can add a lot of fun and laughter to the stories.

Photos From "Discover Your Talent Show"

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     Pirate The Parrot & Esther The Jester                 Island Girls                              Surfing the ocean


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