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Did you enjoy watching the sexy hot cheerleaders at this year's NCAA college basketball tournament? If you did enjoy watching the hot cheerleaders perform, you're not alone! Guys everywhere love hot college cheerleaders! Therefore, I've scoured the Internet to find the best hot cheerleader photos from the Elite 8 round of the NCAA college basketball tournament. Hey, surfing the net for hot cheerleaders is a pretty hard job but someone had to do it so it may as well be me!

Also, there is the question of whether or not colleges and universities with hot cheerleaders have better basketball teams. Did the college basketball teams with the hottest cheerleaders do the best on the court? We'll let those of you who wish to look at hot photos of hot college cheerleaders be the judge. Here are some of the hot cheerleaders from the teams in the Elite 8 round of the NCAA tournament for you to enjoy.

First up is a couple of hot Pitt Panthers cheerleaders! The Pitt Panthers college basketball team didn't perform up to expectations on the basketball court in the Elite 8 round but their hot cheerleaders didn't disappoint. However, Pitt's cheerleader uniforms weren't quite hot enough. As evidence, here's another hot Pitt Panther cheerleader. She's got hot legs but she must be real hot in those conservative uniform tops! How about cooling off by showing off a little cleavage for the fans of hot college girls and hot cheerleaders?

Moving on, let's take a look at the hot Louisville Cardinals cheerleaders. Do they have hotter cheerleading uniforms than their Pitt counterparts?  Yes, I would say they do! Here are a couple of hot photos for proof!

Here's another hot photo of a hot Louisville Cardinals cheerleader. The only problem is that this college hottie is holding the camera the wrong way. We need more photos of hot cheerleaders, not more photos of hot cheerleaders taking photos! Oh, well...Maybe her boyfriend will use that camera to take some hot photos of this Louisville cheerleader and post them on the net. Hey, it's happened before! There wouldn't be anything wrong with another Louisville hot cheerleader naughty photo scandal, IMO!

Next up, we have the hot cheerleaders from Villanova! The only problem is that their sexy bodies are covered with some Pitt style cheerleading uniforms.  That's no fun but that doesn't mean that the Villanova Wildcat cheerleaders aren't hot.  I mean, check out this Villanova cutie!

Here's a different flavor of Villanova's cheerleading uniforms complete with another hot cheerleader in one! The Wildcats might not have the hottest cheerleading uniforms around but this hot Villanova cheerleader has some hot legs! Turtle necks should be banned on cheerleading uniforms by the NCAA though, don't you think?  Well, I'd give those hot USC cheerleaders a special exemption. They look really hot in sweaters! On the whole though, skin and cleavage on hot college girls is a good thing!

OK, now on to the Oklahoma Sooners and their hot cheerleaders. The Sooners are best known for their football team but they have hot cheerleaders to support their basketball team as well. Here is a hot photo of a hot Oklahoma cheerleader for you to take a look at!

That's a pretty sexy hot Oklahoma coed, I would say! There's nothing wrong with those Sooner legs and body! There's also nothing wrong by posting up a second hot photo of those hot Oklahoma cheerleaders so here you go!

Before we leave the hot cheerleaders at the University of Oklahoma, let's take a look at this hot photo of the Sooner cheerleaders practicing.  It's obvious that their hard work is paying off as you can see if you look at their hard young sexy coed bodies! How would you like to have your hands catch a little bit of this Oklahoma Sooner action?

OK, we have to now leave Oklahoma behind after taking one more look at that behind and move on to Missouri. Here's a hot photo of a sexy Missouri Tigers cheerleader for your review.

This sexy Missouri cheerleader is pretty hot, huh? Well, here's another hot photo. Missouri Tigers cheerleaders are hot! So, you shouldn't mind two photos of the same Missouri hottie in two different sexy hot cheerleading outfits. When they are as hot as the Missouri cheerleader, one photo isn't enough! Too bad that I couldn't find any hot photos of this Tiger's tail!

Next, we can't leave out the University of Connecticut because they were one of the Elite 8 college basketball teams this season! I've only got one photo of their hot cheerleaders. They need to win the championship next year so I can find more photos of hot UConn cheerleaders! Here is one of the hot Huskies!

OK, now we are down to the best of the best from the two schools who made NCAA college basketball national championship game. I said earlier that I'd let you be the judge as far as whether or not hot cheerleaders help make a winning basketball team.  I'd say yes! The reason is that Michigan State and North Carolina have some very hot cheerleaders!  I mean, check out these hot photos of hot North Carolina Tarheel cheerleaders!

Wow!  What a Carolina cutie, huh?  Here's more hot North Carolina cheerleader photos so you can get your sexy Tarheel fix!

Finally, I'm sure that this guy enjoys the view of North Carolina blue!  What's he looking at? A hot North Carolina cheerleader from a nice vantage point!

Now, for the national champs. Yes, I know that North Carolina won that stupid basketball game!  But, there are more important things in the world such as the hot cheerleaders from Michigan State University.  I'm sure that Magic Johnson approves of these hot Spartan cheerleaders!

Since one hot photo of a hot Michigan State Spartan cheerleader isn't enough, here's another hot photo!

I'm not sure if this hot college girl is on the Michigan State cheerleading squad or the Michigan State dance team but who really cares as long as we get some hot photos of sexy Spartan college girls like these!  Here's another hot Michigan State cheerleading photo while I'm it! Is she a cute hottie or what?

Now, here are a couple of bonus photos of hot college cheerleaders just because I found them and I bet that you want to see them. This first one is of a hot UNLV cheerleader doing a flip. She's a sexy thing in mid-air, if you like hot legs upside down! Anyway, check out this hot UNLV cheerleader photo! Yes, these sexy college girls are great athletes!

Finally, here's one more photo of hot Oklahoma Sooners cheerleaders during football season.  Their sexy hot legs are all out of sync but we really don't care! No, not when the legs are as hot as they are and the skirts are short!

Finally, I was just surfing around the Internet when I found these photos. I'm not exactly sure where they all came from. However, I'm happy to give credit where credit is due and anyone posting photos of hot college girl cheerleaders deserves all the credit in the world as far as I'm concerned. So, here are a few links to places where some of these photos of hot college girls came from! Check out there I mean sites....and have fun!

Fanhouse Cheerleaders

Sports Illustrated Cheerleaders

Coed Magazine Cheerleaders


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