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MAKEOVER TIPS FOR MEN Published: 04/06/09
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Want to improve your chances of meeting more women?

Is Your current image ready to be improved?

Why is the right image so important?

Do you know that a lifetimes opinion of someone is made within seconds of the first meeting. First impressions are Lasting impressions. Within the first few seconds of meeting people opinions are formed based on what is seen. Appearance and behaviour can have a lasting impact.  By knowing how to put together the right style and colours to compliment hair, eyes and skin tone you are more likely to leave a good first impression.

Male Makeover is a fairly new concept but more men are embracing it as women become more particular. Men need to get an update without compromising their personality and budget.

What women love are confident men - in themselves, their status in life and their looks.  You don't need to be an Adonis but you do need to look as good as you can.

Feeling and looking good will give you confidence. So what are the best ways to boost yourself and grab the girl?

Take a look at yourself in the mirror, do you look healthy? Do you look clean and neat? Are you over weight? If any of these answers are positive, then you need to do something about it.

Be a more interesting person. Rather than watching TV or Sleeping, involve yourself in activities like games and sports. Think about the things that interest you. Life is like a game, be involved with your life. You need to be trim and fit. Not necessarily Mr.Universe as this is not the best look for attracting women but looking healthy and cared for.

Look at your wardrobe. Are you still wearing T.shirt and lycra shorts with trainers? There is no more put off than clothes which say you don't care and haven't made any effort.

You must have a goal in life. A man who has a goal or dream in life and put great effort to achieve it appeared attractive to women. Make a plan and put that plan into action.

Although these tips might look basic it is effective and proven to work. Turn yourself into the man of her dreams. Apply them and you will see results.

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