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One day your dog is perfectly healthy.  The next day, she’s all panting and foaming at the mouth.  Your immediate reaction is of course concern and anxiety.  It’s not normal to see a dog suddenly foaming at the mouth for no reason at all.  Before you go to the vet, check first the reason why your dog is behaving in such manner.

A dog’s only way of cooling down is through saliva.  Your dog may have been exposed to vigorous exercise on a hot day, or just feeling particularly feeling excessively warm.  She would then start cooling herself down by producing more and more saliva.  Your solution here would be to make sure that your dog gets plenty of water, and has a place to cool down.  If it’s particularly hot, remember to give your dog a bath, or hose her down a bit to cool her off.  However, water intake is particularly most important.

On other times, it can be due to an emotional state.  It can happen when your dog is not used to having the company of other dogs.  Some dog owners observe their dogs foam at the mouth when a dog that is used to staying at home is brought to the park.  The sight of other dogs can make your dogs either anxious or exited.  Observe your dog for any other change in behavior.  If she’s proving to be particularly avoidant of other dogs, get her out of the park and take a stroll elsewhere where she does not have to mingle with other dogs.  You have to desensitize your dog first from exposure to other dogs before you bring her to a place where she would be forced to mingle with her kind.

Oftentimes it can be due to something that your dog has ingested.  Pesticides, soap, and other household chemicals can cause such a reaction to your dog.  If you have a backyard where frogs usually come for a visit, that may be a cause too.  A chemical or substance found in frog’s urine can also cause foaming.  Make sure that you have your household chemicals carefully hidden and out of reach.  Never let anything that your dog can ingest come in contact with any household chemicals.  If you must wash your dog’s chewy toys, see to it that you either use soap that is safe for dogs or you rinse them as thoroughly as you can.

It is of no cause for alarm.  However, if your dog is foaming at the mouth, is lethargic, vomits, has diarrhea, has seizures, or being particularly anxious and nasty, you will have to bring your dog to the vet for evaluation of other medical conditions such as rabies.  Just be careful when you’re handling your dog in this situation for you may get hurt.


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